Polish Your Gift

Question: Are you ready to rise and shine?


Book question derived from: State of Emergency: Breaking Down The Wall (Non-Fiction – Unpublished)


Answer:  The moment I felt like God was asking me that question I came up with a laundry list of reasons why rising and shining may not be for me. A couple of years ago it would have been an emphatic no. My answer today is yes, if it means standing in shadow being like a spotlight shining down highlighting the talent of someone else. Over the years, I’ve keep what people have labeled my “spiritual” writing hidden because I felt it clashed with my fiction writing which has drama, suspense and violence. When my mindset started shifting and I shared my spiritual struggle via blogging and sharing with a select group of individuals, they begin giving me titles I was not comfortable with. I wasn’t a prophetess, a spiritual advisor or any of the other names they were trying to assign me. People started requesting I write “Christian” fiction. My response is that I couldn’t write what other considered “Christian” fiction to save my life. I did not like the attention it brought to my life and reduce the list of individuals I shared my spiritual struggles with. My preference is to shine a light on other people’s talents and help them achieve their dream.


Clearly, God had other plans otherwise you would not be reading this. I was reminded of a dream I had about standing on the corner with two ladies waiting to cross. Both had these bags with metal coins in them. When we were able to cross, one lady stuffed hers in her pocket and the other one stuffed her pouch in my pocket. My interpretation of the dreams was those metal coins in the pouch represent talents and gifts. One lady hid them from the world and the other one shared them. However, I was the worst of the bunch because I was unaware that I had any gifts. I had to learn that rising and shining was about polishing your gift at the level you are at. Polishing your gift is about discovering/recovering it, unveiling it and being in a constant state of refining it. In the beginning I did not recognize my talents/gifts. I had to pull it out the rubble of the past and identify my life’s silent dream killers. Once I did that I became like the lady that hid her pouch in her pocket. I shoved my gifts on the shelf, in the back of doubt and fear’s closet to collect dust. Now it time to be like the woman that gave her pouch to me. It is time to unveil that gift to the world and let it be whatever God intended for it to be.


I want to be a spotlight because it allows me to remain in the shadows yet feel like I was in action. But, I had to accept that it was my way of avoiding my assignment. The realization I had is that I had to do the work. I cannot pass my assignment off to someone else. Originally when I came up with the idea for the talk series to put on YouTube, immediately I found a talented individual to be the host. She agreed but her schedule just wasn’t cooperating with the project. I had already announced to my readers. I wanted to honor my word so I changed up the format a bit and took it on myself. I can’t force myself to like to talk but I can take small steps towards stop avoiding opportunities attached to speaking. It’s really about me shifting my mindset around it. Instead of seeing talking as something that puts me under the spotlight. I have to see it as an opportunity to like a lighthouse. A lighthouse is visible day or night to provide guidance to people on their journey. It is not require for us to dim our lights to help other people shine. It would be like a lighthouse minimizing its light during in the middle of a dark stormy night and expecting ships to make it to shore safely. I had to accept, our life experiences when we rise and shine can help others navigate the chopping waters of change and possibly help them avoid crashing into some of the same rocks we did along the way. I’ve been avoiding my own definition of what it means to rise and shine. It’s time for me to shift making small steps towards fulfilling my assignment and see how God defines what it means for me to shining.


Summary of Lessons:

  • Rising and shining is about polishing your gift at the level that you’re on whether you’re in discovering/recovering phase, unveiling phase or refinement phase.
  • You have to be willing to work. Other people can’t do it for you.
  • You can’t force yourself to change immediately but, you can continuously take action that will shift you where you need to be.
  • You do not have to dim your light to help other people shine.
  • Sometimes we have to manage our own expectations.

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