Breaking up with someone you love and still want to be with is hard. Sometime no matter what you do to attempt to repair the relationship the other person is determined to walk away. In Trifling Ways, Mrs. Black tells her, “I gave you ample time to get over yourself and you’re still moping around. You need to start getting your life back and from the look of things, it will be with Raven.” This lead to the question what is ample time to recovery from a devastating break-up? How do you get back to live life once it has taken an hit to your heart? How do you move on with your life especially when your path continues to cross with the person you’ve ended a relationship with whether it coming across a picture or bumping into a person? There are times where life gives you no choice but to more on. If you can’t manage to move out of the past and stop dwelling on what will never be again, you just might find yourself simply existing instead of living life to the fullest.

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