About the Authors



Jenetta M. Bradley is a Chicago native who loves to write fiction, but hates to write about herself.  To date, she has written and published three fiction novels.  Her most recent is Bastard.

Currently, she’s working on The SSMD, a fictional story of a relationship advisor helping the Single, Shacking, Married and Divorced while dealing with her own life’s ups and downs. This story will play out in her blog so she looks forward to receiving your comments.


Her greatest blessing is her son who was born in August 2010 and has refocused her in ways that are beyond words. Which is saying a lot since she is a writer. Find out more about her and her blog at http://www.jenettambradley.com and follow her on Twitter @JenettaM.



Karen D. Bradley while being a creative  mind, English and Grammar were never her strongest subjects. As life would have it, her weakest link would become her saving grace. It was during college she penned her first suspenseful drama to help her cope with the death of her father, the upheaval of emotions, her changing family dynamics and her past. Writing fiction soon became her therapy. She has been writing over eighteen years. However, her books collected dust on the shelf until eight years ago when her sister convinced her to publish.


The moment she started pulling themes from her novels to host panel discussions such as, The Good, Bad and Ugly of Love, Wounds in the Way and Taking Risks in Love and Life, her writing journey expanded. She continued to grow moving from hosting panels to being a speaker on panels such as Black Author and Readers Rock’s paranormal and suspense panel.


These lively real talk sessions with readers became a pivotal part of her purpose. She became passionate about providing a creative platform to start conversations about those real life issues tripping people up and holding their dreams hostage. Her books and real talk sessions have allowed people to learn from each other’s life experiences for over three years. It’s her hope that she will continue to help people start a dialogue with themselves about the things that have them enslaved to the past and help them become empowered with purpose that will allow them to soar to higher heights.


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