He’s a brilliant inventor, but he’ll decimate anyone who threatens his woman. 

Security specialist, Mia Jakob, adores Calvin with all her heart, but his last assignment put both of their lives at risk. She understands how important this new role is to the man she loves, but the thought that he may be avoiding commitment does cross her mind. Calvin was sure he’d made the best decision for his and Mia’s future, until enemies of the state target his invention and his woman. Set on a collision course with hidden foes, this Knight will need the help of the Kings to save both his Queen and the Kingdom of Durabia. 

When the Kings of the Castle recommend Calvin Atwood, strategic defense inventor, to create a security shield for the kingdom of Durabia, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. The only problem—it’s a two-year assignment and he promised his fiancée they would step away from their dangerous lifestyle and start a family. 

Two things threaten to destroy several areas of Daron Kincaid’s life—the tracking device he developed to locate victims of sex trafficking and an inherited membership in a mysterious outfit called The Castle. The new developments set the stage to dismantle the relationship with Cameron, the woman he loves, as well as the new life he’s building outside of an FBI sting that brought down his former enemies. Coming out of the shadows could have dangerous consequences that affect everyone around him.

Marquise Sinclair, a crime boss over an international theft ring, is determined to take Daron’s position in the Castle by leveraging Cameron’s life against a project worth billions. Unfortunately, he is unaware that his lovely target was fiercely trained to make men weak or put them on the wrong side of the grave. The secrets Daron keeps from Cameron and his inner circle only complicates an already tumultuous situation that isn’t of his own making.

Can Daron take on Marquise, manage his secrets and loyalty to the Castle without permanently losing the woman he loves?



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Danya Holmes relives her worst nightmare when the man who destroyed her life gets out of prison. The truth as she knows it begins to unravel before her eyes. Every illusion she had about her past and her life will be shattered. She finds herself once again in a fight to save her life. But will she be the one that lives to tell the story?

Brooklyn Saunders’ life is set ablaze when her ex, Dante Nines, and a newly single friend, Hunter Torres, vie for the number one spot in her heart. Unknowingly, Dante brings trouble to her door causing their personal and professional lives to collide in the worst way. The entanglement unleashes a danger that will have both of the men she loves fighting to keep her safe. Will Brooklyn survive the chaos threatening to destroy her very existence? And if she does, who will she choose?